Convenor: Jason Tetrault


Hello everyone, my name is Jason Tetrault and I am your new hockey convenor for the next three seasons. There are some exciting things happening in the hockey world these days and will be a benefit to all our young hockey players that will either start this year or continue on in their hockey journey. I have included some information on how the season will be changing for the 7/8s next year:

Novice age players (7-8 yrs) will play on a modified ice surface – slightly over half the size of a normal hockey rink – until December 31st of each season. Games after December 31st, 2017 will revert to full ice.

The modifications to the ice surface are in line with the Long Term Player Development model.

8A1 will be replaced with Novice A, which will consist of not only 8 year olds but also 7 year olds. If your player does not try out or does not make the Novice A team, they will be on the Winakwa House league similar to when there was an 8A1 category. Additionally, there has been recommendations from Hockey Manitoba for smaller rosters at Novice A, 2 minute buzzers throughout the season, and no playoffs – at this time we are not 100% sure what they will implement starting the 2017/18 season.

Here is the link to the Hockey Manitoba site:

Last year, we had one Timbits team and two Novice teams out of Winakwa. For this upcoming year, we are hoping to have a few more teams.

Once again, we will be looking for volunteers to not only coach and assist our young players, but to also develop them as team members and well-rounded kids. Volunteers are what make this a successful program every year.

I would like to thank Ron Vermette for all the time and dedication that he put in as previous hockey convenor for Winakwa.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the fall! 


Jason Tetrault