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High Steppers Seniors Club Grey Cup Pool Winners

First Quarter Score – West 7 – East 0 Janice Roy

Reverse - East 7 - West 0 Pat Dewar

Second Quarter Score – West 21 – East – 11 Pat Gascoyne

Reverse - West 11- East 21 Lee Ann Smith

Third Quarter Score - West 24 – East – 14 Sherry Kulbaba

Reverse - East 24 – West – 14 Diane Kasper

Fourth Quarter Score – West 27 – East 16 Anne Knott

Reverse – East 27 – West 16 Wes Powell



GCWCC Above and Beyond Banquet

One of this year's Out Standing Volunteers Award at the GCWCC Above and Beyond Banquet was awarded to Liz Chammartin.


Liz is a key part of our board member and community programming. She is a leader and champion on the success of the Highstepper Senior program. She finds funding from many different sources and embraces new ideas with a wonderful attitude. She brings the same attitude to all our special events and continues to work relentlessly to move our club forward. She continues to go above and beyond.

At one of the first board meetings I attended I noticed that Liz’s hand went up rather quickly when someone asked for volunteers for an early morning pancake breakfast. The rest of the board members needed a little more prodding to volunteer. What inspired us about Liz is that she has continued to volunteer for hours on end at each pancake breakfast, Winter Carnival and any other event our club has had in the last 5 years. 

She is a crafter and loves to bake and spend time with her grand children. This includes having them come and making volunteering a family event. Thanks Liz for all that you do.

Ice Rink is now open for the season!! Weekdays 8am-10pm & weekends 9am-6pm



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