Mission Statement

  1. Provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children of our community.
  2. Provide the best quality programs for the members of our community.
  3. Provide the members of our community the opportunity to be the best they can be.
  4. Provide the opportunity to build friendships and skills to enhance the well being of the members of our community.

About us

President's Message


Winakwa Community Centre hosted our 3rd annual Winter Carnival on Feb 9, 2019. This event is a must attend event. With many indoor and outdoor activities through out the day for kids and adults there is something for everyone. The highlight is the “Jam Can tournament”. “Jam Can” is a fun outdoor curling tournament where we use concrete curling rocks. The evening consisted of kids watching movies and playing video games, lots of laughter, bonfire, beer gardens and a laid back atmosphere. We ended this event with a live local band. We will continue to refine and improve this event with hopes of growing it each year. I would like to thank our volunteers that helped to make this day a memorable one. Without our volunteers’ events like this would not be possible.

A new program is starting to grow at Winakwa. Corrine our garden club convener and her team started a garden club last season. You may have seen a bunch of garden boxes pop up just south of the Windsor Park pool. If you have the love or interest in gardening, planting a garden bed or coming to a few classes then check out our Winakwa garden club information on our website or follow us on Facebook for details. A great way to grow your own food. 

Our Community Centre gives our kids and adults a fun safe place to grow and be part of something bigger then themselves. That in mind our board continues to put on events all year for our community to enjoy at such as our Winter & Summer Carnival, Pancake breakfast, craft sales and lunch with Santa to name a few. We hope you can come to one or all of these events to enjoy them with us. 

Save the date for our Summer Carnival we are looking at amalgamating with our soccer jamboree for everyone to have a blast at the end of June. 


Manager's Message

 This year marks a significant milestone for me, two decades. Wow! Twenty years, it’s been an incredible ride. In July of 1998, I sat in front of a panel of 4 Winakwa board members for an interview to fill a vacant manager position with this great organization. I knew the interview went well when they handed me the keys to the facility before I had even accepted the position. I have had the opportunity to reflect on my time spent with Winakwa Community Centre, the memories I have made; the majority of which are positive. 

I have also realized that some of my happiest moments have come from my time spent with board members, staff, and area residents, some whom I now call personal friends. I owe it all to the Winakwa organization for providing not only me, but my family as well, such a great opportunity. I also feel the need to emphasise how supportive not only the Winakwa Executive team has been over the years but also the City of Winnipeg General Council (GCWCC), City of Winnipeg Facility Maintenance Division and the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department. These groups have all been instrumental in our success as a club and I couldn’t have done all that I do without them.

 I look forward to maintaining a great relationship with them for years to come. I’m very optimistic that Winakwa CC has a bright future ahead and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.

After 15 years of service Gorden Burgal has retired from Winakwa Community Centre.

Gord was always accessible and willing to lend a hand during his time at Winakwa, he has pretty much worked every possible position the facility had to offer. Gords contributions and guidance to are overall daily operations will be missed.

The Winakwa Board of directors and staff would like to congratulate Gord on his retirement. We all enjoyed working with him during his time here and consider him not only a valuable asset to our community but an enjoyable presence in are facility as well.

We wish Gord the best in his future endeavors and all new opportunities. 

Dino Moran
WCC Manager