Baton and Pom Pom athletes have been working very hard in preparation for competitions as follows: January 12th Winter Classic February 9th Valentines Contest March 15th Unicity Competition April 5th Pre Competitive Challenge April 25th & 26th Provincial Championships.

All students from baton, pom pom, dance, hip hop and acro have been working hard for our annual recital at the beginning of June. 

Many thanks to the assistant instructors: Nanci Potton, Jennifer Papadopoulos and Yonatan Orlov. 

For information on any of the classes call:

Linda, (Director of the Program)- Dance, Baton, Pom Pom & Hip Hop 204-256-4800 

Dance – Nanci 204-282-0912

Acrobatics – Jennifer 204-218-2554

Hip Hop for further information contact Linda 204-256-4800 Victoria (Convener) 204-898-1304

If you have any questions or are new to the program please feel free to call the Director