Community Garden

Welcome to the Winakwa Community Garden!

The Winakwa Community Garden had a very successful season. We rented out all 28 garden boxes and started a wait list for next season.

We prepared the in-ground gardens for the schools and the community centre. Windsor Park Collegiate and College Beliveau students built their own wooden boxes in preparation for planting their gardens and they look great!

Windsor Park Collegiate wood shop students built us a 3-section compost bin using repurposed pallets and they have been used to start a community compost program. They also built a herb garden using pallets that we will use next year.

Our Winakwa Community Centre Garden Club held workshops once a month both indoors and outdoors since March. These workshops provided attendees with hands-on learning about seed starting, maintenance, transplanting, thinning and how to get rid of pests.

Art students from both high schools let their talent show by painting murals on each individual garden box. Each box is unique and showcases the amazing talent of each student.

All these students worked very hard volunteering their time. They were also very excited to be a part of this community project. They exemplified the uniqueness of our community garden and added to the beauty.

One of the students took it a step further and designed a logo for us. It will be made into a sign and will be unveiled at a later date.

We hope to expand the garden before the next growing season to include more garden boxes, another water tank and more plants or trees. 

Stay tuned for updates from the garden on our Facebook and Instagram page-Winakwa Community Garden. All other inquiries can be sent by email to: