Community Garden

Welcome to the Winakwa Community Garden!

We are a wheelchair accessible community garden in the heart of Windsor Park located between Windsor Park Collegiate and College Beliveau. We currently have 28 raised garden beds with plans to expand. We also have 4 in-ground beds allocated for the two local high schools’ garden clubs and Winakwa Community Centre garden programs. Our goal is to give people of all ages access to grow their own non-gmo produce and to teach the younger generations the benefits of gardening. There are food security issues globally and this is our way of trying to decrease that. This garden will bring the community together for the love of gardening & nature. There are many benefits to joining a community garden:

· Money-saving

· Healthy

· Educational

· Gets people physically and socially active

· Gets people outside enjoying nature

· Builds community spirit

 Starting March 2019 we will be holding garden workshops (for a small fee to cover supply costs). These workshops are aimed towards helping anyone that wants to learn more about gardening, composting, seed starting, companion planting etc. The first few classes will be held indoors at the community centre until the warmer weather arrives and the snow melts, then the class will move outdoors for the full garden experience. 

Registration for Garden Plot Rental will be in Early March at Winakwa Community Centre.  

Come join us for some fun in the garden in Spring 2019!! Send us an email at or visit our facebook and Instagram  page- Winakwa Community Garden.