BVRA Fall Skills Camp

Welcome to Boni-Vital Ringette’s first Annual Fall Conditioning Camp. All players are welcome to join us for a quick pre-season tune up. The dates and times for all age groups are listed below and all ice times are at Dakota Community Centre. The first 30 families to register in each age group will have a spot reserved until payment of $110 is due on August 15, 2017. If payment is not received by August 15, 2017 your child will lose the reserved spot and it will be offered to another family. Payment can be dropped off at 73 Upavon Road in River Park South. The cost per registrant is $110 which includes five ice sessions and a jersey. If you have any questions regarding camp please feel free to email Michelle Jansen at r4u@bvraringette.ca
Please register by clicking on the “CAMP REGISTRATION” button above the calendar.
Aug 29 6pm R4U/U10
Aug 29 7:10pm U12/U14
Aug 29 8:20pm U16/U19

Aug 31 6pm R4U/U10
Aug 31 7:10pm U12/U14
Aug 31 8:20pm U16/U19

Sept 4 6pm R4U/U10
Sept 4 7:10pm U12/U14
Sept 4 8:20pm U16/U19

Sept 6 6pm R4U/U10
Sept 6 7:10pm U12/U14
Sept 6 8:20pm U16/U19

Sept 8 6pm R4U/U10
Sept 8 7:10pm U12/U14
Sept 8 8:20pm U16/U19



As I am writing this, the BVRA Ringette program is in the beginning stages of an amalgamation process. Once more information is available, it will be sent out to all current ringette families.

Information regarding registration for the upcoming season will be sent out. BVRA may be going to a centralized registration, which means that you will not register with your home club, but with BVRA Ringette.

Tentative registration dates are: August 25-September 5.

More information will be sent out at a later date.

Anyone looking to Participate in Ringette:

Ringette is a fast, exciting team sport that was developed in Canada, as a positive alternative to other female sports. The game rules promote team play, skating and skill development, and a safe sport environment.

Ages 4 and up.

Our teams are usually made up of 11-17 players, with six players on the ice at a time.
The rules of the game require players to pass the ring over the blue lines. This simple rule supports players learning to work together and ensures that one player cannot dominate the game, regardless of their skill. This helps make the game an inclusive team environment and a positive experience for everyone involved.

Ringette has a personality, a style about it that has led to the development of a very committed community of players and supporters. There is an emotional connection to our sport that is consistent and appealing. The Ringette community is a family. Ringette is a sport you will love for life!!!

If you have any questions please contact Tara Gilkes – tarakg66@shaw.ca

Looking forward to a great 2017-2018 Season.


Tara Gilkes & Marcel Joanisse

Winakwa Ringette Convenors