Basketball Registration opens Aug 21 – Sep 21 –  Please register on –

Hi there! My name is Jolene Hildebrand and I am the new basketball convenor for Winakwa Community Center.  Unfortunately it has been about year of no basketball at Winakwa, but I am super excited to have jumped on board to help bring it back to the community center for all the boys and girls in the area

Like many sports, basketball is a great option for children to play. The benefits of being part of a team, learning to work with others, making new friends and fitness that can turn into a sport they continue to play well into their adult life (also, no rain to play in or mosquitoes to swat!)

The age range for basketball is 8 – 17 year old boys and girls.  Games are played on Saturday/Sunday’s and are held in a variety of gyms in the city, community centers and/or schools.  There is usually at least one practice a week as well.  Beginners are always welcome! If you are able to volunteer your time to assist as coach, manager or any other contribution, it would be very appreciated!

I look forward to seeing everyone at registration in the fall.  If you have any questions or concerns prior to then please feel free to contact me.

Jolene Hildebrand