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980 Winakwa Road

Winnipeg MB R2J 1E7

T: (204) 253-4418
F: (204) 255-8930
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    We have many great sports teams!             Baseball       […]

    Winakwa offers a number of programs in our Community Centre.

    Hall Rentals For availability and information on hall rentals please contact: Ashtyn Trudeau at 253-4418 or […]

    Mailing Address: 980 Winakwa Road, Winnipeg, MB R2J 1E7 T: (204) 253-4418 F: (204) 255-8930 Facility […]


Your Online donations will help us grow!

We are looking for donations to help with our gymnasium expansion! Please fill out a Donor Card if you are able to help!

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  • Canad Inns
  • Woodcock Cycle Works